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Get Plastic Learning Center – Yayasan Allianz Peduli

“Socialization without implementation is just a discourse”. Providing real solutions is one of Get Plastic’s missions to make Indonesia free of plastic waste not plastic.


Starting from a concern for the condition of this nation as the second largest contributor of plastic waste, we feel the need to move to find solutions to solve this problem. Participating in a competition at the end of 2019 for “Social Innovation Fund 2019” held by the Allianz Indonesia Foundation with the theme “Environmental sustainability and youth empowerment”. And Get Plastic won the competition.


The collaboration between GetPlastic and the Yayasan Allianz Indonesia began in early 2020, starting with the construction of a learning center located at Get Plastic’s home, Bali.


In the learning center development program, there will be a workshop as a Getplastic facility to carry out RnD of plastic waste processing machines into fuel, besides that there is also a bamboo house that we will use as a discussion and educational venue for visitors who want to know more about our activities.



Get Plastic Foundation



Bali, 30 June 2020