Get Plastic Movement is an association of various institutions that have a mission

to encourage people to care more about the plastic waste they produce


Legality & Vision Mission


Get Plastic was officially incorporated in December 2017, in accordance with its deed of establishment with the Notary Herdardjo, SH. AHU-0000797.AH.01.07 of 2018 concerning the establishment of a legal entity association of the Plastic Tensile Movement.

Vision & mission


We want to give awareness to the public through the simple technology “plastic to fuel” that processes plastic into fuel. With hope in the future, the reduction of the plastic waste pile is accompanied by community actions to sort and make it valuable

Organizational structure


Norman Ario Bimo

Founder (Coach)

From 2006 until now, he has co-founded and run the Social Development Partnership Institute (LKPS) which focuses on qualitative and quantitative social research, scientific publications, training and mentoring for local communities and program implementers, as well as strategic partnerships with government, companies and NGOs in the field of social welfare.


Herdarjo Arko

Founder (Coach)

He had studied at the University of Tarumanagara Law Falkutas then went to the University of Gajah Mada, Notary and Land Specialist Program. He once served as the Secretary of the Untar Student Senate, the Management of this (Indonesian Notary Association), worked as a lawyer incorporated by the Indonesian Advocate Association (IKADIN), and most recently as the Notary-PPAT of the City of Tangerang, the Management of KANOGAMA (Gadjah Mada Alumni Family). Interested in GetPlastic because of the many similarities of ideas for environmental sustainability, especially the use of plastic waste for energy.


Lala Sampurno

Founder (Supervisor)

Studied D3 Secretariat in LPK (Academy) Tarakanita. Work experience as a secretary, translator, and now executive secretary in a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Admitted that he was  not an environmental fighter, but only had an interest and awareness about nature and the earth. That there are roads and alternatives to the present condition: renewable and clean energy, good waste handling / management. And that everyone, no matter how small, has a meaning in preserving the Earth.



Dimas Bagus Wijanarko

Founder (Chair)

In 2008 establishing a socially active youth organization, Jong Nusantara had a vision and mission of “preserving nature in harmony with culture” with the spirit of YOUNG DIFFERENT. At the end of 2014 the research began for processing plastic waste into fuel. End of 2016 found the name of the plastic pull movement and in short getplastic, then the name became an organization that cares about the environment, especially plastic waste.



Nike Vonika

Founder (Secretary)

In 2008-2012 he worked in several international NGOs on the issue of diversity and HIV Aids. Beginning in 2014 after completing his studies at the Postgraduate Degree in Social Welfare Sciences, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, he began his career as a social consultant and freelance researcher. 


Camille Bonneville

Founder (International Relations)

Has a Masters degree in Ecology (Sustainable management) and a Bachelor of Indonesian literature. He works as a consultant in Bogor. Since adolescence, he has traveled more than 15 countries in a simple way (backpacking, volunteering). Now he wants to provide his skills to solve the problems of Lithuania caused by globalization and consumerism, including the problem of waste management.


Handayani Sunanto

Founder (Treasurer)

A graduate of LIA Foreign Language College, Japanese Language Department. In 2002 – 2011 worked for several NGOs that raised issues of Good Governance, Women and Diversity. From 2005 until now, notetaker freelancers for government and non-government organizations. And since 2015 until now he has been a freelance assistant auditor. Joining the Get Plastic Team, by understanding new issues and working with young friends, hopes that this contribution and contribution will make at least yourself and your family more respectful of the environment and can be an influencer of the surrounding environment.