Get Plastic Sustainable Tour – goes to NTB & NTT

GetPlastic has already successfully done a Sustainable Tour, and our current project is going to be an even bigger version of this. The first sustainable tour was in 2018, where we drove 1200km from Jakarta to Bali with our iconic Vespa which was fuelled by the pyrolysis machine. Like our upcoming tour, we hosted workshops and educated local people about plastic pollution and our solution. We were proud to receive the REKOR MURI award for our innovative and impactful project.

Now, we want to upscale the sustainable tour: make it longer, more impactful, and targeting a different part of Indonesia. This time, we will be running not only our Vespa  but also two other cars on plastic fuel which will really prove how viable our novel solution is.

we will drive 1737 km from Bali to West & East Nusa Tenggara using only fuel generated from our pyrolysis machine.

We will stop in villages along the way, hosting educational workshops for locals about the issue of plastic pollution. We will let them experience first-hand how we process their waste using our machine, demonstrating the surprising value of plastic waste right in front of their eyes.

East Indonesia has great diversity in land, wildlife and culture. It is increasingly becoming home to top tourist destinations in Indonesia. The increase in travellers and tourists in these locations increases the chance of waste management problems in the near future. We aim to prevent the problem before it arises by educating the locals on proper waste management.

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