Rekor Muri Award for Get Plastic

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Our goal is to free Indonesia from plastic waste, through programs that we create and run, with simple tools and old Vespa, we have proven that everything that was nothing was useful. 1,200 Km of the journey taken by Dimas Bagus Wijanarko with old Vespa fueled by processed plastic waste into fuel, from Jakarta to the island of the Gods.

We are sure, we did not walk alone, nor did we expect appreciation. But, the Indonesian Record Museum turned out to see us, encouraging our struggle. August 9, 2018, we were asked to attend an official event, to receive the MURI award … “Proud to be acquainted with Indonesian young people who care about the environment. With simple technology they convert plastic waste into fuel … “

Thank you to Mars. TNI (retired) Chappy Hakim who has taken the time to be an honored guest of the Indonesian World Record Museum and is pleased to submit a Record Award Certificate for the “Get Plastic” community: “A Journey with a fuel from Plastic Trash”


(1.200 km, Jakarta – Bali)