Learning Center Bali As a Collaborative Learning Media

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Right after the Plastic Competition in social competition funds from the Allianz Indonesia Foundation, Learning Center Bali were officially established as a space for discussion about the environmental problem such as plastic waste management.  In 2020, one of the icons of the Bali Learning Center, namely the Bamboo House, was officially established and has become a space to exchange knowledge and experiences from various visits that have come.

We have received various visits, both individuals and communities, as one of our visions to work together in the process of handling plastic waste in Indonesia. Throughout 2020, despite the pandemic, the Bali Learning Center still received visits and even some volunteers from abroad.

What are we doing throughout 2020 is our big dream, which is to raise awareness and participation of the community in environmental protection works such as plastic waste management and processing. Specifically, we also received plastic waste donation from residents around Br. Lateng, Sibangkaja, Badung because this is a form of our responsibility for several years to establish a workshop and Learning Center in this area. In the future, we also hope to replicate what we have done in various regions in Bali in solving the problem of plastic waste.

In 2021, we are back on the move by conducting some outreach in several shops / kiosks scattered around our Learning Center area. Our socialization is more related to the production of waste that is produced by many shops and stalls, where the majority of the waste is filled with plastic waste. One of our main focuses in this outreach is to help provide solutions related to processing plastic waste into fuel, because some residents still burn waste because they do not know what methods to use in managing and processing their waste.