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During the period July 2020-February 2021, as much as 580 kg of plastic waste has been processed into fuel. This is one of the solutions in handling plastic waste, especially on a community scale. All plastic waste generated by residents around the Learning Center is collected and processed into new energy in the form of gasoline and diesel. During that period, the GP team also accumulated the results of our waste processing. A total of 441 liters of fuel have been produced from the resident waste that we process.

The results of processing plastic waste in the form of alternative energy are distributed to the surrounding community, the majority of whom work as farmers. The fuel that comes from processing this plastic waste can help farmers to start some of their machines such as tractors and other equipment that run on a diesel fuel. We hope that this energy cycle will continue to occur, except resolving the problem of plastic waste, people can also experience the benefits of the plastic waste that they process.

This is also a form of our responsibility as an organization that bridges residents in the management and processing of plastic waste, because sometime people do not have a choice in managed their waste. As we all know, our waste management system has so far relied more on the collect and throw it to landfill, this system creates new problems because the waste is mixed and piles up in the landfill (TPA). To avoid this, we are fully aware that the active role of the community in solving upstream waste is one of the preventive methods that can be applied starting from the smallest scale, such as the household.