Research & Development

Get Plastic formulates a program framework to address issues related to the impact of existing plastic waste. The formulation of this program was made within a period of 3 years (2018-2020). and the rationale for the duration of this program lies with the government program, namely Indonesia Free of Trash 2020

Program logic and expected outcomes:

The community is able to process plastic waste into new energy in a participatory manner.

The public is aware of the dangers of plastic waste to the environment, the volume of plastic waste and sustainable life.

Stronger correlation with policy makers and stakeholders (government, CSO, CSR, community, private sector, and other stakeholders) in the management of plastic waste


Plastic Waste Convert Tool:

Initially, our tools used ingredients obtained from the surrounding environment or purchased from flea markets, because we were advancing the concept of low-technology, with the aim of adjusting to people’s conditions. However, for wider coverage, we began to develop tools with stainless steel to maximize yield and durability of the tool. The components of our equipment consist of reactor components, condensers, oil storage tubes, and gas filters with hydrocarbon techniques.

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